3 Places To Visit In Australia

Australia is a land of beauty. Its beautiful landscapes, historic galleries and amazing cities mesmerise tourists from all over the world. It’s impossible to visit the country and see its beauty in one single trip. But, if you want to discover the famous and beautiful places in Australia, here is a list of places you must consider visiting in Australia.

Swan Hill:

On the Murray River, you’ll find another beautiful destination, Swan Hill. The Heartbeat of the Murray Laser Show performed here will tell you the story of the Murray River. Enjoying time playing golf on the murray is another favourite thing to do of visitors.The town hall and gardens here are worth visiting. Many restaurants and shopping centres are also there. The famous Bruke & Wills Tree is also here.

You also wouldn’t want to miss the Swan Hill Regional Gallery where you’ll get to see collections of famous artists. The huge museum of flying boats on the bank of Lake Boga will amaze you. You can go to the farmers’ market or enjoy at the Murray Downs Golf & Country Club. You can also enjoy the water activities. Hiring a paddle steamer murray river service will help you have an amazing experience. This place, as a whole, will offer you everything you want to see and experience.


Starting with Sydney, it is the largest city of Australia that has so many spectacular sights to treat your eyes. It has the great Sydney Opera House that delights the audiences with 40 shows in a week. You can book tickets and enjoy the performances in the Opera House. Then there is Sydney Harbour Bridge which is another wonderful architectural creation. The Blue Mountains National Park is also an extraordinary sight to behold.


The state capital of Victoria is Melbourne. Melbourne is famous for its markets and food destinations. Victoria has the Royal Botanic Garden and National Gallery of Victoria for you. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is also there for your amusement. Then there are The Queen Victoria market and the Melbourne Shopping Centre if you are looking for shopping destination. You’ll also get to see the world famous Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne.


Another city rich in heritage is Tasmania. You’ll find the famous museum, the Museum of Old and New Art at Hobart, the state capital of Victoria. The Cradle Mountain is also a wonderful sight you’ll get to find here.

There are some other places in Australia you should visit. They are-

  • Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Kakadu National Park
  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Best Vacations Ideas


Many of us dream of visiting all the countries and experience all the cultures but somethings are hard to do than said. There are ways in which people can go visit and travel even with constraints of time. People barely have the time to go visiting all the dreamed places but don’t let the lack of time stop you from taking vacation. Here some great ways in which you can take a short vacation.

Every town in the world has historic places to visit. Each town has its own tourist destination. Becoming a local tourist go visit all the tourist destinations with your family and friends. Ask yourself how often you visit your own local tourist destination. A small tip when you become a local tourist is to get out of your house and check in to hotel or somewhere else to stay. If you stay at home you will probably find something to do around your house and give excuses for not going out.The great outdoors is perfect for letting out some stress and yourself away all the work and problems in life. Kangaroo Island tours prices are cheap for what it’s worth.

The name speaks for itself; tours Kangaroo Island. Nature parks and national parks are also great place to visit. Camping doesn’t cost much. Some countries you can even camp for free they don’t cost you. You can stock supplies from home and go camping as well. You will only have food and transport to spend on.Your country can be small but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to see your country. Travel to other parts of your country. Go out of your town and visit other exotic places in your own country. I have met people from other country and when they ask about my country certain places I have to keep my head down and say I have not visited those places. Make sure you try to visit as many places in your own country before you go abroad.

Visit the north, the south, east and west. If you come from a country like where I live you each region is so much different from the other. Some places are really cold while some places are really hot. Some regions it’s all about villages and paddy field while another part is about the city and night life. You can travel from one region to another in most countries within a few hours. This means you don’t need so much time like you would need for a vacation.


Popular Countries To Visit

Even though their beauty is not equal they are unique with every country offering something new to the visitor. Here are some popular countries to visit.


Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Due to this it has a varied and many landscapes. One location may be entirely different from the other. The country is so large yet houses a population of 35 million. Canada is a cold country and there are many beautiful mountains, jungles and cities. Further it has one of the largest immigrant populations and the culture is very diverse. Most of the population in Canada are focused on the southern border to the cold. If you visit Canada there are many tours you could pick from and many locations to visit.


Australia is a large country similar to Canada. It is isolated from the rest of the world therefore it has a unique biodiversity. Compared to Canada, Australia is a warm country and the middle region is mostly dessert. There are many popular attractions to visit such as the world famous Opera house, The Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountains to name a few. There are many tours and trips offered when you need to visit these places. There are many trips from Sydney to Blue Mountains and so on. Further Australia is home to animals not seen elsewhere in the world such as the Kangaroo and Koala bear.

New Zealand

New Zealand being close to Australia has a unique biodiversity too. There are many beautiful landscapes all across New Zealand. It is seen as a top holiday destination. There are many tourists activity in New Zealand from sightseeing, adventure, hiking and camping. Further there are many locations to visit. Similar to Blue Mountain tour from Sydney New Zealand has many tours offered to tourists. Popular destinations include Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Rotorua and Wellington to name a few. New Zealand has been voted as one of the most favourite destination for tourists many times over the years in a plethora of magazines.These are some of the most popular destinations in the world. There are many other countries such as Singapore, USA, Japan, Thailand and many more. All this countries offer varied activities for tourists and are very popular.

Best Times To Plan A Holiday In Brisbane

Being located in the southern hemisphere, if you are planning a visit to Brisbane you might plan to visit during the months of March to May. This is the autumn season here when the dry weather and pleasant with little rainfall that you might experience. However, the subtropical climate ensures that you have enough of sunshine and warmth during these months as well, unlike the hilly and other extreme interior regions of the country.

Varied weather conditions at different times of the year

While March to May you will experience a mild autumn weather here due to the subtropical climate the area has, the winter months come in from June to August. You will experience a milder winter here, which also makes it a popular time for many to visit, especially those who are looking to get away from the smoldering heat of the tropical regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Even the period of spring time from September to November sees a good traffic of tourists here as many holiday breaks come on during such months. If you wish to travel during these times you would do well to book your accommodation option from before. If you are traveling here between December to March be prepared for a summer that is wet and humid. Hence, you might get discount deals at this time of the year in Brisbane. It might prove to be an ideal and cheap destination to spend your Christmas and winter vacations from the northern regions. But the rain falls at this time of the year often put a dampener on outdoor activities.

Explore more with festival time trave

lThe month long arts festival in Brisbane is another popular time of the year when people come here. It usually occurs in September. The weather is also ideal, being the beginning of springtime, which makes the Brisbane Festival a popular time to visit this place. Hence, if you are planning to visit Brisbane during the festival time you would want to book your stay options like short term rentals Newstead from before. With several accommodation options for this city, there is no dearth of choices for you. However, if you are looking to stay for a week or more, short term stay options like home stays or apartment rentals make sense. These prove to be more affordable choices than hotel bookings which can prove expensive when you wish to have extended periods of stay. There are several portals that advertise home stays or apartment rentals for the city which makes it easy to book such accommodation options.

Renting Holiday Homes

It is good to go on a holiday with your loved ones for some days. But, you need to book a home or a hotel’s room before going for a holiday. Nowadays, travelers are booking homes more than rooms of a hotel.  

Check properly – When you want to take a home on lease for a short period, you should check that what facilities you are getting and for that how much price you have to pay. Just check that whether the short term rental Barwon Heads is providing you with the Internet, enough storage space, a proper fan and so on or not. You must take a home on rent, where you will get a proper bed, enough lightning and others. Ask the homeowner or the manager if you have to pay more prices for switching on the fan or lights for more hours. You should also ask that if you left the home before the lease ends, then if would get half refund. This is a very vital question and don’t forget to ask it.
A fact – You ought to know the holiday home’s manager. Good managers will help you if you and your family members face any difficulty in their holiday houses. This is their duty. For instance, the manager must fix the washing machine, ac, geyser, if it is not functioning properly. Take the contact number of the manager beforehand while taking the home on rent. Make sure that he is efficient enough to receive your call! Moreover, you should keep the contact info as well as the email address of the homeowner too. 

Pet and other things – Pet lovers love to go on a holiday with their lovely pets, but the problem is that all holiday homes don’t accept pets. This is a serious matter. But, there are many holiday homes that allow the entry of travelers along with their pets. You can search online to get better information. Even, if you get a home where you can take your pets, you should see the pictures of the home, its location, the number of beds and so on minutely and properly, so that you don’t face problems later on. 

Early booking is the best option – Just book early your preferred home and relax. You can do the booking of a lavish villa early and the price may not be too high. You can book a home for your holiday in off season to get some discount. Sometimes, these rental homes offer package deals to the customers. So, just ask and spend less money on your holiday!