Popular Countries To Visit

Even though their beauty is not equal they are unique with every country offering something new to the visitor. Here are some popular countries to visit.


Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Due to this it has a varied and many landscapes. One location may be entirely different from the other. The country is so large yet houses a population of 35 million. Canada is a cold country and there are many beautiful mountains, jungles and cities. Further it has one of the largest immigrant populations and the culture is very diverse. Most of the population in Canada are focused on the southern border to the cold. If you visit Canada there are many tours you could pick from and many locations to visit.


Australia is a large country similar to Canada. It is isolated from the rest of the world therefore it has a unique biodiversity. Compared to Canada, Australia is a warm country and the middle region is mostly dessert. There are many popular attractions to visit such as the world famous Opera house, The Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountains to name a few. There are many tours and trips offered when you need to visit these places. There are many trips from Sydney to Blue Mountains and so on. Further Australia is home to animals not seen elsewhere in the world such as the Kangaroo and Koala bear.

New Zealand

New Zealand being close to Australia has a unique biodiversity too. There are many beautiful landscapes all across New Zealand. It is seen as a top holiday destination. There are many tourists activity in New Zealand from sightseeing, adventure, hiking and camping. Further there are many locations to visit. Similar to Blue Mountain tour from Sydney New Zealand has many tours offered to tourists. Popular destinations include Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Rotorua and Wellington to name a few. New Zealand has been voted as one of the most favourite destination for tourists many times over the years in a plethora of magazines.These are some of the most popular destinations in the world. There are many other countries such as Singapore, USA, Japan, Thailand and many more. All this countries offer varied activities for tourists and are very popular.